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What to Consider When Creating Public Evacuation Centers

What to Consider When Creating Public Evacuation Centers

Are you a community leader or a project head trying to propose the creation of a public evacuation center for emergencies? Aside from being great venues for events, it could also serve as a temporary home for victims of natural and man-made calamities (e.g., fire, tornadoes, and tidal waves). With the right providers of land area design, construction, and demolition in Long Beach, California, you can get this project done in no time. You just need to consider the following:

  • Land Area and Size.

    Even before creating a building design, come up with a way to maximize your land area. Determine the exact dimension of the livable space. Set an area for facilities. And be sure to contact a service provider of land clearing in California to level the land you’re going to occupy.

  • Building or Evacuation Center Design.

    Make sure that the center can accommodate people from all walks of life, especially children and the elderly. Consider opting for a rubberized flooring material to prevent slip, trip, and fall accidents. And most importantly, plan out where you’re going to build the toilets and baths at your homeless encampment.

  • Health and Safety Measures.

    As you’d be accommodating people inside the center, it’s a must to prioritize the hygiene and safety of the area. Have it cleaned regularly, especially if there are people. Opt for furniture pieces you can clean and don’t get dirty easily. It’s also wise to avail of asbestos abatement to get rid of any disease-causing asbestos fiber in the place.

There should be a public evacuation center for communities. With this amenity, you can provide immediate accommodation assistance to people in times of emergencies. If you’re now planning to pool a team of experts to carry out this project, availing of the demolition, asbestos removal, and land clearing services of Thomas Land Clearing Company might be a good start.

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