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What Not to Do When Faced with a Homeless Encampment Crisis

What Not to Do When Faced with a Homeless Encampment Crisis

A lot of us can agree that a homeless encampment in our neighborhood can feel somewhat uncomfortable. They are strangers taking residence in lands that we own. It can be frustrating and confusing – how do we deal with them without being too cruel?

In a previous article, we sited a few strategies you can take to get yourself out of this tricky situation, one of which is getting professional land clearing in California from a reliable provider like Thomas Land Clearing Company. However, there are some things you must not do, for you to avoid getting entangled with complications that you did not anticipate.

No matter how badly you may feel about a homeless person’s situation – as we all naturally will feel – you should not give them money or food. You may call the necessary authority that can better help them with their situation, but we advise you to avoid any type of direct contact or interaction with an encampment/resident of an encampment.

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