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The Harmful Effects of Soil Contamination on a Construction Project

The Harmful Effects of Soil Contamination on a Construction Project

Soil contamination may arise as a consequence of a varied range of activities. Mining, for example, can release sulphuric acid, mercury, and arsenic into the soil. Fuel storages can release hydrocarbons. Steelworks can release lead. The Demolition in Long Beach, California, if done without asbestos abatement, can leave an asbestos fiber behind that can be dangerous when exposed to people. If left unmanaged, polluted soil has the potential to harm the animals, people, and environment that surrounds it.

The first step to take if you are undertaking a development project involving contaminated land is to have the soils tested by a certified professional like Thomas Land Clearing Company. They are the ones who will accurately classify the soil with the level of its contamination. From there, they will establish appropriate offsite remediation.

If you believe your construction site may have been contaminated or have polluted soil, contact the proper authorities and experts on Land Clearing in California immediately, to avoid any costly future repercussions that might happen down the line.

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