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How to Respond to Homeless Encampments in Your Neighborhood

How to Respond to Homeless Encampments in Your Neighborhood

You may be living in a neighborhood where homeless encampments keep popping out of nowhere and growing in population. As you witness this happening, you may start to wonder what you should do in response.

There are a couple of strategies that we at Thomas Land Clearing Company will be sharing with you to help you deal with your situation.

  • Protect Your Home
    The first step you need to take when you notice homeless people and encampments in your part of town is to upgrade your home security. Install security cameras around your property and invest in a comprehensive alarms system that will cover your doors, windows, and other entrances.
  • Contact Law Enforcement
    This may not always work. Depending on the type of community you reside in, you may not get much of an answer from the police or sheriff. Still, you may report crimes of the following sort – if they were to happen:

    • Trespassing
    • Public intoxication
    • Public urination
  • Request Homeless Encampment Cleanup
    If this encampment is standing on public property, you may request a cleanup from the government agency that is responsible for your area. If they are on private property, however, you’ll need to employ services for professional land clearing in California.

Our company provides only the best-quality demolition in Long Beach, California, ensuring the safety and security of all the people involved in the project. Contact us to know more about what we can offer.

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