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Environmental Services for Your Community

Environmental Services for Your Community

Securing a sound and healthy environment has far-reaching benefits for you and your community. It guarantees safety for generations to come and ensures that every individual’s health is in tiptop shape; making way for more effective and efficient members that can contribute to the community’s progress and development.

See to your community’s safety by availing any of the environmental services offered by Thomas Land Clearing Company. These often involve the destruction of toxic, hazardous, and destructive sources and materials. These environmental services include the following and more:

  • Hazardous material removal
  • Asbestos abatement
  • Stormwater prevention programs
  • Contaminated soil solutions
  • Mold and lead-based paint solutions

The company also deals with construction and development and demolition in Long Beach, California, and has worked with a number of established groups and corporations. Its construction and development services include storm drains, hauling, excavating, and relocating utilities, while its demolition services are for projects such as railroads, commercial areas, hospitals, and warehouses.

You may contact the company through its website at to avail of any of their environmental services listed above, and any of their other services including homeless encampment solutions and general cleaning and demolition.

Learn more about the company’s qualifications, finished projects, and services for hazard removal, demolition, and land clearing in California today.

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