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  • California Office:

    Private Sector:

    Demolition of Petco Main Offices in San Diego

    Walsh Corridor Constructors / Los Angeles Metro Project – Demolition of 2 City Blocks of Commercial Buildings

    Local Cities:

    Performed Demolition Services and Homeless Encampment Clean Ups for Various Redevelopment Agencies and for the Cities of Long Beach, Los Angeles, Paramount, Azusa, Bellflower and Compton.

  • Alabama Office:

    Granite Construction :
    Demolition of American Concrete Batch Plant
    Demolition of 17th Street Off Ramp and Bridge

    City of Birmingham:
    Demolition of various structures throughout the City

    City of Dadesville:
    Emergency Clean Up – Disposal of 12 Houses Demolished / Destroyed by Tornado

    Birmingham Water Works:
    Demolition of 3 Separate Water Silo Towers.

  • Federal Projects:

    Completed multiple projects involving Demolition and Environmental Remediation services for the following Agencies:

    U.S. NAVFAC, San Diego
    USACE, Los Angeles District
    U.S. Air Force – Bases located at Edwards AFB, Los Angeles AFB, Fort Mac Arthur AFB, Vandenberg AFB
    U.S. Forest Service
    U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs
    U.S. Department of Labor
    U.S. Department of Justice

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