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Demolition in Long Beach, California

Thomas Land Clearing Company has been providing asbestos abatement, lead paint removal, mole abatement, and demolition in Long Beach, California since 1987. Our company has over 25 years of safe and efficient services in these areas. These years have enabled us to grow in experience and knowledge in the demolition industry.

Our clients range from private, public and federal agencies. A few to note within these agencies are as follows:

  • Private Sector: McDonalds Corp, Bixby Land Company, Pacific Theatres, and other general contractors.
  • Public Sector: City of Long Beach, County of Los Angeles, MTA.
  • Federal Sector: U.S. Navy, U.S. Marine Corps, Department of Labor, Department of Veterans Affairs, GSA, US Forest Department, US Air Force, US Army Corps of Engineers, NASA and US Coast Guards.

Thomas Land Clearing Company successfully completed 9 years of federal government contracting before we graduated from the Small Business Administration’s 8a program. Upon graduating from the 8a program, TLC mentored Walter Thomas and Associates for several years. During this mentorship WTA had a business growth of more than 100%.

Our company has a fleet of CAT equipment with demolition attachments that allow us to offer competitive prices for demolition services. Our CAT 345 CL and CAT 336DL excavators along with their attachments ensures that our projects are completed efficiently and safely with a high degree of recycling.  Among the attachments that we have are a 10,000 pound and 5,000 pound concrete breakers, Atlas Copco 360 degree rotational concrete pulverizer, BTI 1,000 concrete pulverizer, La Bounty RDG 90 rotational grapple, La Bounty 2500r rotational shear and a La Bounty 2000r rotational shear.

TLC is proactive and ensures the safety of both his employees and clients. We do so by continuously providing our employees with the training, seminars and certificates necessary in order to stay abreast on safety concerns within the demolition industry. All of our employees are CPR and quality controlled certified. Our operators and supervisors have certifications in safety from CAL OSHA which includes lead and asbestos training.

Thomas Land Clearing Company is a certified DBE (Disadvantaged Business Enterprise) with Caltrans, City of Los Angeles and Metro. Copies of our certifications are listed on our website.

Our Story

Thomas Land Clearing Company was founded by Mr. Willie A. Thomas, a Birmingham Alabama native. Mr. Thomas incorporated his learning from three men during his high school era, Mr. Ben Bishop, Mr. L.V Hendiking, and Mr. J.W. Lewis. During his high school summers when school was out as other kids may have been playing, Willie spent his time working. His first memorable experience was with Mr. Ben Bishop, a scrap man in the neighborhood. He also worked with Mr. L.V. Hendiking and Mr. J.W. Lewis who both were in the tree topping and removal business. Other than Willie’s parents, Mr. Walter and Mrs. Nellie Thomas the previous men mentioned were the persons in which Willie looked up to. Willie admired Mr. Bishop, Mr. Hendiking and Mr. Lewis because these 3 men were “small business owners”, when the term was not used. Willie learned from working alongside these 3 men the benefit and value of hard work, being a man of your word and placing keen attention to small details. After high school Willie Thomas went to the U.S. Air force for 4 years then moved to California in 1970. After working 6 years for U.S. Steel Corp. and 2 years for Proctor and Gamble Inc., Mr. Thomas decided to venture on his own. He began cutting lawns, trees and cleaning garages under the business name of “Thomas Yard Services.”

After several years of undertaking small jobs, an opportunity came his way where he was to do a land clearing job. As a result of the completion of his 1st large project other opportunities rose his way in the area of demolition. It wasn’t until then that he changed the name to Thomas Land Clearing Company and has been doing Demolition Services since 1986.

As part of this revived website Mr. Thomas felt it was fitting to show both photos and videos of jobs completed dating back from 1992 to 2014. Some of these projects were done in conjunction with his mentoring of Walter Thomas and Associates. Both of the companies benefited from the tutelage of Mr. Thomas.

Willie Thomas has grown his company from the time his hair was solid black till the present gray hair; during those years he has amassed a tremendous amount of experience and has completed numerous contracts in a highly professional manner. We hope that you will take the time to review some of the videos from the earliest day, the middle years and present time 2014. Our theme song is, “Life’s Railway to Heaven”. The song epitomizes the ups and downs associated in business and how we have kept our hands on the throttle and your eyes on the rail.


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